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What spiritual awakening means to me

I've been thinking lately of what a spiritual awakening means to me. I've read a lot of what people say it is and what it has been for them and I think that sometimes we miss the point of what an awakening really is. Most think it's one moment in time and for me an awakening is a non-stop process. Yes, you have an aha moment when you first wake up but then that same feeling happens over and over. Everyday I learn something new, everyday I face a new change in paradigm, and everyday is an awakening to God's Love. The only constant is the Love of God. We all go through days especially after your first awakening where you question everything. When you start spiritually detoxing most of the times your life gets turned upside down and makes you question if you are on the right track. This process is not an easy one, you will have good days and bad days; days where the fear feels more real than anything; days where someone says something and you get off track and it's ok. The important thing during this journey is to remember that the Love of God is all around us. That we are one with our One Infinite Creator, and no matter what happens He will always take care of you if you let Him. Sending everyone Love and Light. Keep shining!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰

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