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Spiritual Experiences

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

I was reminded by one of my best friends the importance of sharing our spiritual experiences with others, especially the difficult ones. Sometimes we don't share the weird or kinda traumatic experiences we have spiritually because we think people will think we are crazy or making it up. Well, I'm here to tell you that I believe you and I don't think you're crazy or making it up. I could write a book with the things I've been through spiritually and people would think it was fiction. It's not all roses and happy times and it's ok. I really believe that God is always there to protect us and help us if we ask. I used to think I was at the mercy of the "dark" side, that there was nothing I could do. Then one day, the most beautiful being with amazing olive colored eyes came to remind me that God's Love is the best protection we have. All we have to do is ask, and believe it. I have seen and experienced God's Forgiveness, Love, Grace and Mercy so many times during my life that now I look back at those weird/dark times and see those experiences and appreciate them. Thanks to those experiences my relationship with God grows stronger every day. Don't get me wrong, they still try to take me down, but now I just thank them and send them love. They say that God will use every situation you go through for your highest good and I am living proof that God can take any situation and turn it into a blessing.

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