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My personal journey🥰

Has anyone ever experienced astral projection or a death before death? I wanted to tell you guys about the time I died in my meditation. To experience a death before death is great privilege. I actually wasn’t meditating at all I just laid down on my bed and literally got sucked out of my body it was like falling it was kinda scary it was a real sensation of falling but I let it happen and I was no more. I experienced the soul of god or source if that’s what you want to call it. the experience itself was completely indescribable. I was at complete peace I was no longer human I was no longer anything. It was true peace. That happened to me almost 6 years ago to the date and ever since then I have absolutely no fear of anything. Nothing and no one will get in my way of peace the universe has me covered all around. That was my first ego death. It was different from astral projection because astral projection is something that you do on purpose if I’m not mistaken and you get to travel the astral realms. I’ve never quite been able to astral project yet I just literally died. It was AMAZING. It changed me forever but I still didn’t ascend to 5D. I was still experiencing 3D at the time. There’s sooo many different awakening stages every single one different in its own way. I was born awake, I knew this place was magic and that the government was trying to keep things from us but knew no more than that. The experience I’m talking about here was my first real experience waking up. But I still didn’t realize I could access anymore I just had so much faith in the universe. Then I met a guy at ihop who woke me up a 2nd time. He had died too and he explained to me what I’ve always known! I’ve been trying to find him ever since. Sometimes you just need to hear it out loud. July 26th 2020 was when I was truly activated into 5D. Pure magic you guys. Now I realize that I can access ALL information if I work hard enough for it. I began doing my inner work eating healthy drinking water cutting out fluoride. Practing nonreaction and doing my shadow work and being present. I’ve been working so hard to access my souls information and I’ve been truly rewarded. I’m not quite allowed to share that information with you guys yet but this is truly a huge step that I was able to share my journey with you.

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