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My experience working with the Akashic Records

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

I am so excited to be sharing with you my experiences with the Akashic Records because I have healed and learned so much about myself through the remembrance of past lives. It has been life changing. I have always been intrigued by reincarnation and past lives and how they have molded us to who we are today. I`m not going to lie, it was sad to hear about all the lifetimes where I had traumatic experiences but knowing and healing those parts of me have become such a great blessing. Through each session I become more aware of who I truly am and why I have "issues" with some people and instantly love others. To give you an example, there is a person in my life that I have never really gotten along with, I didn't know why I could never feel like I could trust them. During one of my sessions accessing the Akashic Records, I learned that in one lifetime this person was my mother. Apparently, they had been laundering money and when I started asking questions I inadvertently exposed them and that caused a physical altercation. By learning and healing this lifetime I am able to see them now with compassion and understanding. Also, to my surprise, it also healed a nagging pain in my right shoulder. It seems the pain I was feeling in this lifetime was due to the altercation I had in that lifetime.

I've also learned where my fascination with Ancient Egypt and Atlantis come from; to my surprise I had a past life in both. You see, the more you work with the Akashic Records, the more you learn about yourself. The most important lesson that working and learning about my past lives through the Akashic Records have taught me is that there is much more to who we are than this current lifetime. That we must look deep inside ourselves and heal as much as we can. That God has blessed us with the opportunity to use each lifetime to heal and correct past mistakes, to use this knowledge not to condemn each other but to forgive one another and ourselves. In case you are interested, the teacher who has been helping me through this amazing journey is Tiffany Tin ( As always, I`m sending Love and Light to all. Keep Shining!!

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